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Metropolitan Moving & Storage

Welcome To Metropolitan Moving & Storage Cambridge, Massachusetts

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed - We have been in the storage business since 1894 and family owned since 1972. We have customers that have stored with us for generations, some for over 70 years! We have a long tradition of earning your business by providing unrivaled customer service to help you select your space and solve your problems at a competitive price.
  • A Solution For Every Storage Need - Rooms range from 30 square feet to 10,000 square feet. Rooms small enough to accommodate college students or small apartments. Large enough spaces for full houses, estates, retail inventory, museum and art collections, lab equipment and excess office furniture. With 1400 rooms covering 225,000 square feet we have a larger inventory of rooms, a larger variety of sizes as well as larger rooms than anyone in the industry. We can store virtually anything.
  • Safe & Secure - Two foot thick brick walls. 100% fireproof. Extensive video monitoring system. Each room has cement walls, floor and ceiling with a two inch thick steel framed door - Safer than your own home!
  • Competitive Pricing, Great Value, No Fees & No Deposits - Our building provides an excellent environment for all types of storage in a great location at a very competitive price. Unlike other storage companies we never have setup or administrative fees and there is no deposit required. There are absolutely no hidden costs and we even provide locks free of charge.

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